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Опытный 16-зарядный 8-мм "Намбу", 1920-е годы.

Japanese "16 Shot" prototype Nambu pistol. These were a very limited design with only a few ever recorded or found. (The highest recorded number is serial number 14.) These were manufactured by the Tokyo Artillery Arsenal in Koishikawa circa 1921. These rare pistols were never officially adopted by the Japanese with all of the known examples being discovered reported by returning GI's after WWII. These were a completely new prototype design that was intended to utilize some of the best features of both the Grandpa and Papa Model 1902 Nambu pistol combined with the experimental increase in magazine capacity that was being develop by several other European countries. This pistol is massive, as the magazine is almost twice as wide as the standard Type 14 Nambu with the grip frame measuring approximately 1 1/4 inches wide. Interestingly they also made the upper receiver wider and also the breech bolt wider and flatter to compensate for the increased magazine width. This last feature is somewhat similar to the Lahti pistol design. It has many unique features such as the short front and rear bridges with an integral barrel/barrel extension, lightening cuts on both sides of the barrel extension, massive enlarged trigger guard bow and wide trigger, the magazine release is a small button mounted on the front of the lower grip strap, large concave cocking knob, with an internal recoil spring. It is fitted with a short tangent rear sight is marked 50 -3 (50- 300 meters) with a drift adjustable front sight (similar to the type 14) with no cut in the back strap. As noted this is serial number "3" and that serial number can be found on the lower back strap, the underside of the bolt, the spine of the magazine and base plate. It has a high polish blued finish overall with the trigger and safety lever showing straw colors. It is fitted with a set of replacement unnumbered black molded plastic, checkered grip panels.

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